Get rewarded for your loyalty to your favourite teams when you get global Fan Tokens. Score incredible prizes, impact your team and connect with fans like you worldwide!
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What are Global Fan Tokens?

Global Fan Tokens are a new type of blockchain-based digital asset that brings sports fans and their favourite teams closer together. Sports teams, including many top football clubs, professional fighters, and even eSports teams, are turning to Fan Tokens to offer more value to their fans and
attract audiences worldwide.

Global Fan Tokens

The Importance of Fan Tokens

Fan Tokens give fans two-way access to their teams. It’s no longer a one-way street, where fans can’t interact with their teams. Thousands of fans have earned fantastic rewards using their Fan Tokens! Fan Tokens help you earn VIP experiences, meet your sporting heroes, get your hands on game-used merch and be your team’s man of the match! Where will your Fan Token take you? attract audiences worldwide.

Fan Token Benefits for Teams & Sponsors

The reason so many teams are joining is simple: They care for you, the fans! Teams need to connect to their local and global fan bases and are constantly looking for ways to help fans get closer to the sport! 

Not every fan can fly to the home stadium to watch the team play. With, they can still have a huge impact on the team, from the comfort of their own homes… while getting rewarded for their loyalty.

Who are our partners

With over 180 of the world’s biggest sports teams joining, we’ve got you covered across 9 different sports! Impact football teams, esports teams, basketball sides, rugby clubs, tennis tournaments, American football & ice hockey franchises, motorsports crews and fighting organizations with your Fan Tokens today. The power of Fan Tokens reaches all corners of the world, from the likes of FC Barcelona, and Manchester City to the UFC, the Davis Cup and beyond! Are you ready to change the way you impact your favourite teams?
Global Fan Tokens - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
Fan Tokens on are digital assets that allow sports fans to engage with their favourite teams and access exclusive content, merchandise, and experiences. When we create Fan Tokens in collaboration with a team we create a limited supply of tokens that can be purchased by fans using Chiliz. Fans can then use their Fan Tokens to impact their team and get rewarded. Fans use the app to have their say on team decisions and have also scored huge rewards like VIP experiences, game-used merch and much more.

Firstly, you’ll need to download the app and register for a free account. Once you’ve done this, follow these steps:

1. Open the app and tap on Wallet.
2. Top up your Wallet with our in-app currency, Chiliz ($CHZ)
3. Tap on Sports, and find the sport you’re looking for. Then search for your teams and get your Fan Tokens using the $CHZ you just bought.

Fan Tokens are used exclusively on the app. You can get Fan Tokens using the in-app currency Chiliz, or $CHZ. We’ll always tell you how many Fan Tokens you need to hold in order to take part in an activity or claim a Fan Reward. When you hold Fan Tokens, they remain yours until you decide to sell them. If, for example, you need 1 Fan Token to vote on an official team poll, that Fan Token remains yours so you can use it over and over again without losing it.

Our sports roster has over 180 teams listed so far and is constantly growing. Think FC Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team, All MLS, American Football team and all Ice Hockey franchises and more! Check the full roster here (link to

Owning Fan Tokens on comes with provide several benefits for sports fans, including:

  1. Access to exclusive content and experiences: Fan Token owners can access exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with players, as well as participate in team-related decision-making and attend team events.
  2. Direct engagement with sports teams: Fan Tokens provide a new way for fans to engage with their favourite sports teams and have a direct impact on team-related decision-making. This can create a stronger sense of community and connection between fans and their teams.
  3. Easy and secure ownership: Fan Tokens are digital assets that can be easily purchased, sold, and stored on the platform or other compatible cryptocurrency exchanges. This provides a secure and convenient way for fans to own and manage their Fan Tokens.

In a word: bright. As more sports teams and organizations join, we look to reward more fans for their loyalty. The price of Fan Tokens fluctuates depending on market conditions, and we chart each Fan Token’s development on each team’s page.

Head to the Marketplace section of the app. That’s your hub for buying and selling Fan Tokens. Chiliz, or $CHZ, are needed to get Fan Tokens, so you’ll be able to exchange them back to Chiliz if you decide to sell.

Our social media channels are bursting with activity, and we always keep Fan Token holders up-to-date with new prizes, Fan Rewards and developments via email too. Follow us on twitter for all the latest news and updates, and subscribe to our emails to get access to regular rewards and prizes.


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